50 rounds are required for this class.
This is a class for shooters who already
their own gun and
are comfortable with

  • Get scheduled Quickly without much notice!

  • If you can't bring your carry gun and 50
    rounds. You may use one of ours at no
    additional charge.  We highly recommend
    you bring your gun and ammo and get a
    taste of realistic stressfire training.

  • This is NOT a class where you learn how to
    shoot.  You should already be competent
    with the firearm for this class before you
    arrive. There is no  firearms "training" in this

This training meets
and exceeds the legal
training requirement for your Florida
Concealed   Weapons License certification.
Call (850) 266-2325
1 Hour Quickie, I already know
how to shoot
CCW  Certification Course.
$100.00 Cash or Credit Card*
This does NOT include your license application fee to the State of Florida for $97.00 valid now for 7 years. The next seven year renewal is only
*Add 5% for debit/credit payments.
Call (850) 266-2325