Professional Certifications Completed

  • Former State of Florida State 'K" License Firearms Instructor,
  • (FDLE) Florida CMS Criminal Justice Firearms  Instructor Graduate
  • NRA Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor Graduate
  • NRA Law Enforcement Shotgun Instructor Graduate
  • Certified Glock Instructor by Glock, USA
  • Certified Glock Armorer, by Glock, USA
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • USCG Charter Boat Captain,United States Merchant Marine Officer
  • American Red Cross CPR, AED, & First-Aid Instructor

My free-time is spent learning and studying new firearms training
techniques.  I am committed to your training by constantly reading the
latest on concealed carry books, laws, and use of force court cases
around the country.  If I don't know the answer to your question I will
research it and get back to you.  I'm not going to give you the politically
correct answer to your concealed carry questions, I'm going to tell you the

I have found no greater joy or reward in life that taking something I love
and teaching it to others. Empowering others with the tools to reach their
goals allows me to sleep very well at night, especially when it comes to
sharing life saving skills.  I don't sell guns and I don't have the business
overhead of operating a retail store front.  

When it comes to firearms training I have two main goals as your

My first goal is to achieve a clear understanding of your firearm training
expectations. Simply put, what do you expect to gain from the course?

My second goal is to meet and exceed your training expectations.  I
guarantee your training satisfaction.   I will treat you as if I were training my
own family members, with commitment, patience, understanding, and a
sincere concern for your safety.
-Capt Ron Beermünder
About Your Instructor
Best Home Security is a best friend at home.
Rest in peace my best friend. I miss you every day.
       Stress-Fire Class       WARNING !

This course trains students for tactical safety and street survival and many of the techniques
and stress-fire hyper-realistic training methods used in this curriculum are not considered
"politically -correct". Training methods may include:  shouting, screaming, loud sounds, balance
equipment, disorienting lighting, dim lighting, no lighting, exploding targets,  inversion racks,
stress-induced language,  shooting at live aggressive human targets using simunition rounds,
and physically handling students aggressively simulating as an attacker may act.

His stress-fire training courses are NOT recommended for people of an over-sensitive nature.
He DOES offer other training specialized for Children, Seniors, Physically Challenged,
Hoplaphobes, and more sensitive individuals who may require more of a one-on-one coddled
and nurturing style approach of instruction.  If you're the sensitive type or have physical
challenges, please let Capt Ron know before you are scheduled for your training.  He will gladly
accommodate for you a private class.
Capt Ron Beermünder is the only firearms instructor in Northwest Florida that
owns a private licensed and zoned Firearms Training Facility. Blackwater
Tactical Range is used by local, state, and federal law enforcement, along
with military special forces and private security...and everyday people just like
Capt Ron is a dedicated full-time firearms instructor.  He is the sole owner of
Blackwater Tactical Range. Your training is not conducted in someone's
"backyard" or a typically less than safe public gun range where many others
are shooting around you.
As a former Florida State licensed firearms instructor, Capt Ron was licensed
to practice law teaching armed security officers when they "could' and
"should" shoot and kill another human being as a part of their required
training.  He continues to share that same knowledge with civilians who are
taking the concealed weapons license classes.
Capt Ron Beermünder, USMM
Professional Firearms Instructor & Educator
Capt Ron's Tactical Operant Conditioning and Training methods of
instruction have been developed over years of instruction. Only by
instructing thousands of students one-on-one could these methods be
developed. He watches every trigger pull and every shot. His concentration
is focused on one student shooting at a time. All students receive personal
attention and training detail based on their individual abilities and
challenges. Capt Ron believes no two students are the same. This being
said, no two students can be trained exactly the same.  An instructor can
only watch one student shoot at a time. Get your money's worth with one on
one training.

Private range time with Capt Ron to stay proficient is available 9am-9pm
Blackwater Tactical Range
6001 Jeff Ates Road  Milton, FL 32583
Tel. (850) 266-2325