Professional Certifications

  • Active Florida State 'K" License
    Firearms Instructor.
        License # K 1800046

  • FDLE Florida Department
    Law Enforcement, CMS
    Criminal Justice Firearms  
    Instructor Course Graduate

  • NRA Law Enforcement Handgun
    & Shotgun Instructor

  • Certified Glock Instructor by Glock,

  • Certified Glock Armorer, by Glock,

  • NRA Range Safety Officer

  • American Red Cross CPR, AED,
    & First-Aid Instructor

  • NAUI SCUBA Instructor

  • Florida State Certified Clinical &
    Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
    specializing in PTSD for civilians,
    LEO, and military.
  • N
About Your Instructor
Ron Beermünder is a professionally trained and licensed firearms
instructor experience with his clients.  He is one of the country's most
admired firearms instructors and gun range owners. Dedicated from the
very beginning of his training career to bespoke one-on-one firearms
instruction, his unique style of teaching and personal life experience brings
an unparalleled learning and instructional adventure to the every client.

Ron's command of firearms knowledge and mastery of communicating vast
amounts of practical information effectively in a relatively short training
period regardless of a client's previous experience or knowledge has
earned him the reputation of being one of the country's best Master
firearm instructors.

It's this unrivaled level of instruction that has allowed BTR to function as a
training facility without the need to retail firearms or ammunition. Ron's and
BTR's reputation and  success all come solely from the training provided
and absolutely no retail business. Ron believes in what makes any person
successful is that which makes them different. His training and facility is
truly different from anything else offered in the country.  BTR's unique
location and design along with Ron's knowledge and natural teaching
ability make for a training session that allows for the promise of  
guaranteed training satisfaction.

Ron is an honorably discharged veteran and BTR is a certified SDVOSB.

Blackwater Tactical Range is Ron's creation. BTR is one of Florida's
largest zoned and licensed gun ranges and it is owned and run solely by
Ron.  Blackwater Tactical Range is used by local, state, and federal law
enforcement, along with military special forces and private security...and
everyday citizens just like yourself.  Shooters of every level, seeking the
best instruction come to BTR.

Your training is not conducted in a cramped indoor gun range or an
outdoor range unsheltered from the elements or the typically less than
safe public gun range where many inexperienced gun owners are shooting
all around you.  

Your shooting environment is a spacious indoor/outdoor training facility
sheltered from the elements, heated or cooled to a comfortable
temperature with always having the option of shooting purely indoors or