Gun ranges, whether private or public can be very
intimidating places for  people all levels of shooting

Regardless of age, race, sex,  religion, amorous
preference, gender identification, political affiliation, or
physical challenges, Blackwater Tactical Range is
devoted to the client's training needs and satisfaction of

The training at BTR is always one-on-one and private if
you desire. Your comfort level is always at its highest. It's
that high level of comfort that allows clients to absorb
BTR's professional level and intensity of firearms training
quickly despite previous lack of experience.

Many of my clients express that they want to achieve a
feeling of "being comfortable with and around firearms".  
At Blackwater Tactical Range, your comfort starts with
knowing that you are accepted, wanted, and appreciated
as a client, a shooter, and a person.

Services animals are always welcome and can be on the
range or stay in the climate controlled office if desired.
Please don't hesitate to let me know if you may need any
other accommodations to enable you to be your most
comfortable during your training.

We are all responsible for making the world a safer place
and that starts with acceptance ...And trigger control.

-Ron Beermünder, Owner Blackwater Tactical Range

Only together can we protect our right
to keep and bear arms from those who
would rather have us fight each other.