2 Ways to Apply for Your Florida
Concealed Carry License
Apply in person by making an appointment with the Fort Walton Beach
Dept of Agriculture office or the Crestview Tax office or the Pensacola
Tax Office Barrancas Avenue location.
Simply bring a
copy  of your training certificate given to you by Capt
Ron or other evidence of firearms training accepted for licensing. Bring
A valid state photo ID and a method of payment. The offices will take
your payment $97.00 (7 year license+Background check fee), license
photograph, finger print you for background check, and help fill your
CWL application by computer all in the office. This speeds up your
CWL processing speed considerably. The state is required to process
your license with in 90 days. It's not uncommon to get your CWL back
in 2 weeks when things are normal.
downloading the application off the internet.  This method may take up
to the full 90 days for processing.  If you appy by mail you will need to
include the follow items in your application package.

  1. Copy of your training certificate or other eligible training
  2. CWL application signed and notarized
  3. Two passport photos w/ name and birth dyae written on back
  4. Finger Prints from Sheriif's Office or local PD
  5. Check or Money Order for $97.00
Place two first class stamps on the application envelope.
Fort Walton Beach
Fort Walton Dept of Agriculture
& Consumer Services Office  
Ft. Walton Regional Office
Office 111 Racetrack Rd NW
(850) 344-0300
Okaloosa Tax Office Crestview, FL
Okaloosa County Tax Collector,
Brackin Building, 302 Wilson St N
#101, Crestview, FL 32536