Church In-House Armed
Security Training
Blackwater Tactical Range has been training Church In-house Security members for over 10 years.

Your instructor is a Florida State licensed instructor licensed to train every level and aspect of private armed security.

Training can be conducted from one member to twenty, meeting your Church's individual security needs and concerns.

ecurity team members will be able to shoot a variety of firearms from pistols to carbines offering the rare benifit of finding out what firearm offer the
greatest and fastest ease of accuracy under stress-fire situations.
The stress-fire training is scenario based high-speed- low drag training designed to create a serious reality check of what t
he security team is truly
facing when neutralizing a deadly gunman quickly in a large crowd of innocent people
who are composed of the team's friends and family.

aking out one specific target with only a small handgun in a large group of potential collateral targets requires specific training under stress. BTR is
the only traning facility that offers this type of training tailored to your security group's various experience, knowledge,
physical abilities, and
competency with a
small caliber pistol.

Blackwater Tactical Range is dedicated to exceeding your security team's training expectation and like all other training conducted at BTR, we
proudly extend our and the only "Bang for the Buck" firearms training satisfaction guarantee.

What your group needs to bring on training day:

  • The actual firearm the team member plans on carry while on duty. Recommended minimum of 4 magazines/speed loaders. Recommended
    500rds of ammunition.
            (.38Spc, 9mm, or .45 cal are recommended. Lesser calibers are typically less effective and greater calibers like .357 sig, .40cal, .357 Mag,          10mm, etc increase the likely hood of over
penetration of the intended target leading to collateral loss of life.

  • Comfortable clothing, including shoes with same sole material in the same style and fit they will be wearing during their security performance.
    Plan on clothes getting dirtied and stained.

  • Detailed layout plan of where the security threat is most likely to take place, distanced marked in feet between security positions and likely
    threat entrance

  • Snacks and drinks.

  • Eye and hearing protection.

  • A humbled attitude.  When it comes to stress-fire training, pride certainly cometh' before the fall.

Call Ron at Blackwater Tactical Range directly to discuss your church's training needs.
Your group will receive the best quote for truly priceless training guaranteed.

Cell (850) 266-2325