1 Hour Quickie CCW  

Scheduled 7 days week by appointment 8am-10pm Start Times
Only need 1 person for training. No classes ever cancelled!

$100.00 Cash or Credit Card*
This does NOT include your license application fee to the State of
Florida for $97.00 valid now for 7 years. The next seven year renewal is
only $65.00.
*Add 7% for debit/credit payments.
50 rounds are required for this class.  This is a class for shooters who are
own their own guns and are comfortable with shooting and desire no
further firearms training. You can always come back for private range time and
real scenario based one on one firearms training.

  • Get scheduled Quickly without much notice!

  • If you can't bring your carry gun and 50 rounds. You may use one of ours
    at no additional charge.  We highly recommend you bring your gun and
    ammo and get a taste of realistic stressfire training.

  • This is not a class where you learn how to shoot.  You should already be
    competent with the firearm for this class before you arrive. There is no
    advanced firearms training in this class!

This training meets the legal training requirement for your Florida Concealed   
Weapons License certification.
"I already know how to shoot and I
just want my license class"
4 Hour Stress-Fire CCW Class

(4hrs Time is based on 1-2 people Add 1 hour for each additional person in you group.)
$200.00 Cash or Credit Card*
This does NOT include your license application fee to the State of Florida for
$97.00. *Add
7% for debit/credit payments.
In this class your training satisfaction is Guaranteed.
  • Learn the reasons why the miss rate at 6 feet in nearly 70% in
    stressfire-shootings and learn how not to miss!
  • Reality based hyper-realistic firearms training giving a reality check to
    consists of shooting as fast as you can safely one-handed, two-
    handed, off handed at human silhouette targets at distances 3-25
    feet. Shot timers are often used to measure your progress and help
    push you to the next level of speed and accuracy. You may shoot
    through an old purse, jacket, pants pocket, shoot while moving. The
    training is all based on the student's individual ability and willingness
    to train to the next level.

  • Because the training is individually based, this is the class for
    everyone including people who have never touched a gun before as
    well as competitive shooters, police, and military who desire the most
    advanced pistol training techniques offered anywhere.

  • Because of physical and mental abilities required, the amount of
    training received in this class varies from student to student.  

  • Each student is trained at his or her pace to the next level of training.
    Typically shooting a minimum of 200-300rds.

  • Choose from over 50 guns to shoot. We find the gun thats right for
    you without making a sale!

  • All Guns and Ammunition are included and you may bring your own
    guns and ammunition as well.

  • We will cover in depth the laws of concealed carry and use of lethal
    force as pertains to Florida law and how to avoid being imprisoned by

  • Due to the intensity of the training, classes are normally 1-4 students,
    which typically takes 4-6 hours.

  • Ladies, don't be afraid or intimidated. Shooting guns is just one more
    thing you girls are naturally better than us guys at like everything else.
    Just add it to your list.
"I want the best training available
to learn as much as I can learn
and go beyond my current level  of
Apply for your Florida  
Concealed Weapons
License Application in Fort
Walton Beach.

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