Blackwater Tactical Range
Private Security Training for Professionals.
Florida Armed
Security Officer
28hr Course
Typically three 10hr days
Florida Basic
Security Officer
40hr Course
Typically five 8hr days
We can NOT recommend any "D" License instructors
in the area at this time. Please check with he Dept of
Agriculture, Division of Licensing for a list of "D"
license instructors near you..
4 Hour annual G-License Requalificationmust be
performed once within each year of your two
year license period using the license's

License with an
Expiration date of 10/13/ 2020

First 4Hr annual requal must be performed
10/13/2018 - 10/13/2019

Second 4Hr annual requal must be performed
10/14/2019 - 10/13/2020

Failure to submit the requalification certificate to
the DACS on time will result in the immediate
suspension of you G-License and you will have
to take the 28 Hour course over again to get
G License 4 Hour Annual Requalification can be scheduled with only one
shooter. There is no class minimum students in order to schedule your

There is no extra charge for qualification on multiple firearms within the same
4 hour training session.

Training time is by reservation made through Email or by telephone.

Reservations can be accepted 7 days a week.
8am-8pm start times are available.

Plan on being in class for the entire 4 hours, no exceptions. No-early outs.
There is a 10 minute break included in every hour of the training.

Bring snacks and drinks if you need them.

Private bathroom and dressing rooms are readily available.

Cost: $150.00 add 5% for debit/credit card payment. No personal checks accepted.
Qualification Targets, eye & ear protection will be provided free of charge.

You must bring:

  • Your Duty Gun
  • Duty Belt
  • Duty holster
  • At least 2 magazines or speed loaders
  • At least 50 rounds of ammunition for each firearm you are using for
    qualification. BTR does not sell ammunition.

Only one shooting qualification test is needed requiring 48 rounds of
ammunition. If you pass the requalification first time up you will not need any
more ammunition. However.....

We highly recommend you take advantage of the best firearms training
available and bring at least bring 150 rounds to train with either before or
after your qualification test.  There is no extra charge to shoot more rounds
and train with Capt Ron.