Blackwater Tactical Range
Private Security Training for Professionals.
Florida Armed
Security Officer
28hr Course
Typically three 10hr days
Florida Basic
Security Officer
40hr Course
Typically five 8hr days
a licensed security officer in the state of Florida a person must first take the
officer, a person must take the 40 hour "D" License course and then the 28 hour

If you apply for both your licenses at the same time your total cost for each license
will be:   D License State Fee $97.75  & G License Fee $112.00 (you will need two
separate checks or money orders (no cash)

You will not have to pay the finger print fee again for the G License if you apply for
it within 6 months of applying for your basic D License.
Call below for pricing and scheduling of course.
Call for pricing and scheduling of course.
Phone (850) 419-7422


Course is held in DeFuniak Springs, Florida.
Located 14 miles off exit  70 Interstate-10

Courses held weekly.
Phone (850) 449-0758

Course is held in Pensacola, Florida.

Courses held weekly.
Having the G-License in addition to your D- license ALWAYS makes you more
employable with where you security company can place you.  However, more
often than not, (no bull) being an armed guard may only pay 50 cents to a dollar
more an hour at many posts, especially in Northwest Florida.

On a Positive note ....Most security companies will allow you to finance the cost of
your G-Llicense from deducting it from you pay check interest free.   BTR only
recommends instructors that are willing to take payment at a later date from your
company for your G-license training. As a former security officer, the owner of
BTR personally knows the financial hardship of being a security officer and
sincerely does everything possible to get you the legal and proper training you

A company that has Federal contracts for federal or state courthouses, Social
Security Administration Offices pay much more than your average armed security

This is where BTR's standard of training comes into play.  Our reputation for the
best firearms training available is unchallenged anywhere in the country and
when it comes to getting hired, it makes a difference to an employer where you
have been trained for your licensing especially for insurance liability purposes.

It's not uncommon for the standard of training ...The actual shooting test to be
elevated in these federal security officer positions and any instructor's information
found on this page will give you more than enough training to pass any
test...guaranteed. In fact, it's the only guarantee in the business that you will be
trained to a level to pass any firearms test needed for ANY private security  

BTR, only recommends the best instructors in the area and each instructor
recommendation is hand picked for quality insurance for your training.  The
comfort and safety of BTR facilities are only offered to the best instructors