• This service is ONLY offered at Blackwater Tactical Range!
  • We are the ONLY firearms facility that provides this many guns for training at no
    additional charge.
  • We have access to many different guns.  Let us know if you don't see the gun
    you want to shoot for clas.  We will do our best to find you a specific gun for
    class free of charge.
  • We DO NOT SELL GUNS. Get honest opinions before you buy a firearm from a
    professional concealed carry expert, not a gun salesman on commission.
  • Some dealers will sell you the gun that has the most built in profit for them,
    while others truly want you to have the gun that's best for you.
  • Expect to pay $400-$600 for a high quality gun.  You normally get what you pay
    for when it comes to guns.  The same gun may have $100-$200 price difference
    between dealers.
20 Gauge Mossberg pump shotgun.
Ruger 10/.22
Beretta .22 Bobcat
.22/.22 magnum
Colt replica single
action revolver
Beretta Military
Issued 9mm
.223/ 5.56    
Kahr P380
overall quality sub-compact
Smith & Wesson 8 shot
Smith & Wesson 7 shot
Aluminum .22 Magnum
1911  9mm
Smith & Wesson Governor
&.45 GAP
Ruger LC9 9mm
Ruger LCP .380
S&W 9mm Shield
Sig Sauer 226 9mm
Reliable JUNK!
fits in your hand....
Their shotguns are
Reliable JUNK!
Approved, but not for
every hand...
Glock 43 9mm
Glock 42 .380
If we don't have it... You don't want it for concealed carry!
    Live in the Milton-
    Pace area? BTR
    suggests you visit
    Gulf Coast Gun at
    5851 Highway 90
    Live in the Milton-
    Pace area? BTR
    suggests you visit
    Gulf Coast Gun at
    5851 Highway 90
Savage .223 Precision Bull barrell
20 Gauge Mossberg pump shotgun.
12 Gauge
Mossberg 930
S&W AR-15-22   
AK-47 w/Magpul
Pensacola AREA shopping for firearms and
wisdom, BTR recommends checking with
Larry Blackburn first! Larry is the owner of
Guns & Ammunition Sales Co.

            Call (850) 477-2223
Freedom Ordnance FX-9
9mm AR Pistol
Springfield Armory
Saint AR-15 Pistol
.223 / 5.56