Blackwater Tactical Range
6001 Jeff Ates Road  Milton, FL 32583
Tel. (850) 266-2325
Whether you're in the academy training or a veteran
officer your shooting probably sucks. Seriously, if
you're not an active frequent competitive shooter as
in IDPA or IPSC... your shooting probably sucks and
you have been lucky up until now.

Don't worry... Capt Ron's worst shooters are all
LEO's. He can break you of the bad habits you were
given and replace them advanced stress-fire
shooting techniques that will enable you to hit your
target every time regardless of the level of stress
you encounter.

Relearn to shoot one-on-one with the instruction
and talent you deserve. In private, air-conditioned or
heated in a comfortable safe environment free of
judgement and ego. You're a professional with a
gun and it's time you get trained like one.

Capt Ron has been helping LEOs hit their target as
a full-time firearms instructor for the last 10 years.
As a graduate of the FDLE five day firearms
instructor training course and five NRA LAw
Enforcement instructor course Capt Ron is well
aware of the firearms testing and lack of real training
LEOs receive.

The bottom line is simply this...LEOs don't get real
firearms training. The average miss rate for a LEO
under stress-fire condition is 70% at 6 feet!!!!

Capt Ron has literally trained LEO candidates over
the phone who failed their previous FDLE firearms
qualification and after Capt Ron's phone training
returned and shot a perfect score. No Bullshit.

I have NEVER had a LEO fail a firearms qualification
after I have worked with them. -Capt Ron