Since 2008 BT has been qualifying E-1 through O6's for their Pistol and Rifle ribbons and medals.  BTR remains the only off
base training facility allowed to qualify navy personel for firearms training.  BTR training meets and exceeds the OPNAV
instruction requirement for civilia no--cost contracted firearms training.(no cost to the Navy), but a very reasonable discounted
cost to you.
The training is performed as a no-cost contract to the Navy because  the military member pays for their training out of pocket.

It is at the discretion per OPNAV instruction or each individual Commanding Officer to approve the Small Arms Qualification
Record OPNAVINST 3591.1F to be entered into the service member's military record.  The Small Arms Qualification
OPNAVINST 3591.1 is issued to the service member by BTR after the training has been completed. The service member must
route the training record through the proper chain of command (established by each command) so that the record may be
permanently entered into the service member's official service record.

It is quite common for service members TAD in the area to submit their Small Arms Qualification Record received at BTR to
their parent command upon return to command. Again, it is up to the individual CO to authorize the training record to be entered
into the service member's permanent military record.

BTR guarantees the best firearms training available, but BTR can not guarantee your CO will authorize your training record to
be entered into your service jacket. This is because as CO's change command, each CO must be brought into the loop of
understanding of how this OPNAV instruction allows training by no-cost civilian contractors.

BTR training facility is heated and air conditioned and has night lighting. We shoot indoors and out bullets go outdoors.

All your eye and hearing protection will be provided for you upon request. You are welcome to bring your own weapons and
shooting gear if you wish.

Please check with your command ahead of time before training with BTR for your pistol and rifle qualifications.

BTR will supply the firearms for your training along with hearing and eye protection.

COST:   We ACCEPT  Cash, or Charge Add 5% for Credit and Debit Card  Sorry NO CHECKS!

Minimum 2 students- Maximum 4.   
4 people doing both pistol and rifle qual takes roughly 6 hours.
Bring snacks and drinks.
Dress in athletic clothing that allows you comfortable range of motion.
Note: No skinny jeans or footwear that would restrict your kneeling position while shooting. Skinny jeans are not conducive to
athletic performance and you look like an friggin idiot.

All shooting is performed one-on-one with instructor. There is only one shooter at a time for safety and quality training. You wil
be instructed and coached by the most experienced firearms instructor in NW Florida.

RIFLE QUALIFICATION:  $100.00 and ammunition is included

PISTOL QUALIFICATION: $100.00 must bring 150rds of 9mm Luger ammunition
Walmart is cheapest. Federal or Winchester brand preferred, but pretty much any brand will suffice for your training.  NO RELOADS!

You will shoot until you make expert, run out of ammunition, or become to tired or unsafe to continue training. If you do not make
expert your first day, you may come back at another time at NO CHARGE. You will need to bring more ammunition if required.

Do NOT use GPS to find our location. GPS will likely get you lost. You will receive simple directions to the training facility after
your training date and time has been confirmed through text or email.

BTR is located 2.9 mile soff Exit 31 Interstate 10 in east Milton, Florida.
It takes exactly 30 minutes from downtown Pensacola when traveling exactly at speed limit.

To make an appointment:

Step 1: Find at least 2-4 people interested in at least doing one or both of the qualifications.

Step 2. Find a date with in 1-2 weeks of appointment when you have enough time to train sometime between  9am-9pm at BTR
for 4-6 hours.

Step 3. Text or email Capt Ron for an appointment. You will receive simple driving directions  via text or email upon confirmation
of your appointment.

Step 4. Show up for your appointment on time sober and well rested. Do not workout on arms or shoulders the day of your

Do NOT speed to get here. SAFETY FIRST!  If you're going to be late, simply text Capt Ron and let him know. Do NOt Speed!!!!
Drive Safely!

Text Capt Ron at (850) 266-2325 or Email at
3591.1F 8. g.
Commanding Officers
(1) Ensure the command has an effective
small arms
training and qualification program.
(BTR is that qualification program)
The commanding officer has
ultimate and final authority to arm
personnel under his or her
control. Determination of which traits and
actions are
disqualifying is at the discretion of the
commanding officer.
Expert Score 235
-5 points time deduction